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Welcome to Samatrem Group

Samatrem Group provides a range of services to address the needs of children, young adults, and families who are facing challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). We strive to advocate for their needs, to understand and provide the comprehensive services that they require, and to ultimately help them live a higher quality of life.

We offer services ranging from individual supports to family training and more. All of our services are delivered by qualified professionals who are dedicated to improving lives. Please feel free to contact us at +1-301-595-5450 for a free consultation about our child and family holistic therapeutic services.

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Our Services

Intensive Individual Support

We provide one-on-one, customized intensive support services to meet the unique needs of every person that we serve.

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Therapeutic Integration

An integrated approach that focuses on each person’s interests. It also centers on social communication, social interaction, and behavioral intervention.

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Respite Care and Support

Support provided to families who need to step away from their caregiving responsibilities to do things that they want to do.

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Family Training and Support

Training and educating family members so that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly care for their loved one with Autism.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with families and their children/young adults with Autism spectrum disorder to improve their quality of life and to achieve their maximum independence.

About Us

Meet Our Staff

All of our staff members, from our autism specialists to our customer representatives, are all committed to delivering the highest professional standards that you deserve.

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