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1)  *Art: Paper bag painting with fingers and with tools (paintbrush and computer), Styrofoam faces (paintbrush and fingers), coloring by numbers and letters, Styrofoam sculptures, play dough art, using stencils, wall mural art, art on canvass (paintbrush and fingers), wood stick art, Samatrem Winter Mural Project.


2)  *Fine Motor Skills: Tie Me, Latch Board, Stacking Shapes Peg Board, beading, Mini Squigz, puzzles (board and computer), Disney Wooden Tool Set, pattern block and board, play dough, board games (Connect Four, Scrabble Junior)


3)  *Dexterity and Coordination: Play dough (squeeze, stretch, pinch and roll “snakes” or “worms”, tripod finger isolation), tracing (letters and stencils), word search, cutting patterns using scissors


4) *Sequencing: Sequence board on the wall, sequence pocket chart and sequencing through reading.